Submission Guidelines

The Deaf Poets Society is an annual paying publication that accepts emailed submissions of poetry, prose, cross-genre work, reviews/interviews/miscellany, and art for publication on a rolling basis. As a D/deaf and disabled focused literary and arts journal, we seek intersectional work from artists and writers who identify as Deaf, disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, or neurodiverse.

Send us a brief (50- to 100-word) bio in your cover letter with up to three poems, one prose piece under 5,000 words, an “Ideas” (reviews, interviews & miscellany) piece, and/or up to six art pieces. Each submission should be titled with your name and genre (NAME_GENRE) and sent to one of the appropriate email addresses below:

  • Poetry:

  • Fiction:

  • Nonfiction:

  • Ideas:

  • Art:

We accept textual submissions in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt. For art, We accept any media that can be presented online in the form of an image, audio, flash, or video file. For 2D and 3D visual work, please send us images in .jpg, .png, or .pdf format titled with your name, media, and image number (e.g., Smith_Painting_1). For video, audio, and multimedia work, please submit a link to a private online upload of the full submission (e.g., a private YouTube link).

For all artwork, please include with your submission the piece’s name, media type, dimensions (for non-digital work only), year created, and a brief artist statement about the work’s meaning or intention (statements over 250 words may be edited for length). You may include an artist bio at this time, but you are not required to do so. If your work is accepted, we will require high resolution images of at least 2400x3000 pixels for final publication. (Please do not submit 2D digital work that is not available in higher resolution.) Additionally, accessibility captions are required for all accepted work (description of visual art and subtitles/transcripts for audio, video, and multimedia work). Please read our instructions at our Access page. If you cannot provide these, we can collaborate with you to create them. Submit artwork to

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if your submission has been accepted elsewhere. Please email the appropriate genre editors if you'd like to withdraw a particular submission and not the entire submission. We do not accept previously published works. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author.

Call For Reviews

The Ideas section welcomes reviews (roughly 500-1,000 words) of work by Deaf and disabled writers and about the Deaf and/or disability experience. If you are interested or have a work in mind you’d like to review, please contact Travis Chi Wing Lau ( For a sense of how we format our reviews, please check out our past issues. We are currently seeking reviews of these books.


When we founded The Deaf Poets Society, we decided that it was important to us to pay our authors and artists for their accepted work. However, in order for us to stay afloat in the publishing environment, we knew that this involved risks as well! To fulfill our mission, we'll be dependent on various funding sources, including donations through PayPal, fundraising campaigns, and public programming.

Every dollar you contribute to us through PayPal will help us give more back to the D/deaf and disability arts community that sustains us. The funds we pull in—which will be allocated to elements such as website development, business licensing, and advertising—will determine how much we can pay authors and artists at any one time. This means that the amount paid to our contributors may fluctuate from issue to issue, and that we thus can't disclose the exact amount we will pay to each submitter. That said, we pledge to be fully transparent about where these submission fees and other forms of support go. 100% of contributions will go to further development of the journal and associated arts programming. Donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these policies, please email us at

Payments per issue, starting with Issue #2

Issue 2: 16 contributors were paid $15. ($240 in payments)

Issue 3: 19 contributors were paid $15. ($285 in payments)

Issue 4: 17 contributors were paid $15. ($255 in payments)

Issue 5: 15 contributors were paid $15. ($225 in payments)

Issue 6: 14 contributors were paid $15. ($210 in payments)

Issue 7: 14 contributors were paid $15. ($210 in payments)

Issue 8: 7 contributors were paid $15. ($105 in payments)

We also set aside a publisher's share in order to pay for annual filing fees, licensing, Submittable fees, website hosting, and other expenses.