Call for Submissions 

"Crips In Space: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Futurism." 

[Image Description: graphic of faraway stars with two bright orbs of purple light on the top left and bottom right corners of the image. In the center is white text overlaid on a rectangle purple background that reads: "deaf poets society 4: crips in space: science fiction, fantasy, and futurism. guest editors: sam de leve & alice wong of disability visibility project TM. learn more at".]

The Deaf Poets Society will publish an upcoming issue (Issue 4) on crip futurism, a growing body of interdisciplinary studies. We are looking for D/deaf and disabled perspectives and re-imaginings of bodies, science, technology, bioethics, and the future ways of existing. Though crip futurism and the notion of ‘crips in space’ has a long history in both popular and academic thought, the impetus for this issue originated from a Twitter conversation in which Sam de Leve, Alice Wong, and others speculated what life would be like for crips in space. Would D/deaf and/or disabled people with low bone density and muscle atrophy be ideal explorers in zero gravity environments? Would D/deaf and/or disabled people be the perfect ambassadors to make first contact with extraterrestrials since they know the alien experience in hostile ableist/audist societies? What is the impact of human gene-editing and other reproductive technologies on future generations of D/deaf and disabled people?

The Deaf Poets Society is excited to have writer Sam de Leve and Alice Wong of the Disability Visibility Project™ join us as guest editors for this issue. Essays, poetry, prose, and art are welcome. Deadline: April 4. Go to the Submission Guidelines for more information.

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