Issue 7: Sticks and Stones


Patches by Laura Cowley

An image of multiple sew on patches. The patches are bright teal rectangles with orange text saying “USELESS."

"Wrapped" by Kathryne Husk

In a cramped greenish-umber space, an long haired ambiguously gendered figure (slightly feminine of center) sits on the ground with one hand against the wall. The figure is wrapped tightly in bright yellow yarn/threads that hang from the top of the frame

"Nameless" watercolor by Patti Durr

A watercolor painting with a blood red background. In the foreground is a figure painted in blue, with short curly hair, an over-sized sweater with a yellow and red tree design on it, and a serious looking face. 

Roughly sketched hands making alphabetic ASL signs are drawn across the top of the page, spelling out the word “nameless.”