Anastasia Keck

"The Tumble Down and Up Again," relief print, 2015

[Image Description:  A visual collage of an upside down sunset, a sideways fence, half a tree, and birds morphing into a human figure who is desperately trying to catch something.]

Artist's Statement

"The Tumble Down and Up Again" is a relief made from rearranging the blocks that formed a different image.  Rearranging the original plan seems to be generally how life goes for me, but sometimes what’s formed from the remains of an old idea can be exciting, get the point across better or open up door ways to something new.

Artist Photograph

[Image Description: A white woman posed in front of a half-painted bench holding paint brushes.]

Artist Biography

Anastasia Keck is a visual artist who uses her work for healing, to reframe her experiences in the psychiatric system, and to challenge societal norms around "mental illness." She attended Hampshire College and currently works at the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community as a Peer Advocate at their community centers, peer-run respite, and Career Initiatives Grant Coordinator.