Issue 7: Artist & Author Biographies

Author Biographies

[Image Description: Picture shows a male in his late-30s, wearing white sun-glasses, and a few days’ worth of stubble. He wears a dark blue shirt with the word “London” on it. His light brown hair is brushed off his forehead. There are trees in the background.]

Jesse Dawson

Jesse Dawson Harms has recently completed his M.A. in Philosophy. He started writing at 12 and hasn't fallen out of love yet. Though Jesse's first love was poetry, he has become so enamoured of prose of late that he does little else but read and write. He lives in southern Manitoba with his wife and daughter.

[Image Description: white non-binary wheelchair user with rainbow hair reading into a microphone.]

Robin Eames

Robin M Eames is a queer crip punk poet who is only mostly dead. Their work has been published by Cordite, Voiceworks, Breath & Shadow, Archer, Junkee, Strange Horizons, and Uncanny Magazine's Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction, among others. They live on Gadigal land. You can find them online at and @robinmarceline.

[Image Description: a black woman wearing a blue dress, blue earrings, and a blue flower in her hair poses in front of a tree, with her hand rested on its trunk. She is holding a pink journal adorned with a gold heart and the word "love" in the middle.]

Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh

Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh earned her BA in English from the University of Virginia, but is more proud of the friendships she earned through her Charlottesville, Virginia social justice work.

[Image Description: A heavyset white woman with short, spiked red hair is leaning against a brick wall and smiling. She is wearing a striped wrap dress in black, white, yellow, and red. Her right hand is on her waist and her left hand is at her side. She is standing on her left leg. Her right leg is bent and hidden behind the dress.]

Avery Guess

Avery M. Guess (@averymguess) received a 2015 NEA Fellowship for Poetry and grants from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund and the Kentucky Foundation for Women. She’s a PhD student at USD and assistant editor for poetry at South Dakota Review. Recent publications include poems in diode, Rogue Agent, Glass, Tinderbox, and Rust + Moth, and creative non-fiction in Entropy and The Manifest-Station. Her chapbook, The Patient Admits, is out from dancing girl press, and her full-length collection of poetry, The Truth Is, will be published in 2019 by Black Lawrence Press. Avery’s website is

[Image Description: A portrait photograph set against a nature background. The subject is a young, biracial, South Asian person. They have short black hair and bangs, brown eyes framed by black-rimmed glasses, and light brown skin. Their head is angled slightly as they gaze into the camera. They are wearing teal eyeliner and plum lipstick. A hint of a turquoise earring shows through their hair, which matches their patterned shirt in colour..]

Shana Haydock

Shana Bulhan Haydock is about to begin their MFA in Poetry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Previously, they studied Critical Social Thought at Mount Holyoke College. They grew up in India, and remain transnationally transfixed. Their creative, activist, and academic work addresses issues such as queer disposability, the politics of ‘safe space,’ and the precarity of selfhood. For more information, please visit their website:

[Image Description: An olive-skinned woman with dark, long curly hair, smiles. Sunlight is streaming across the left side of her face, she has dark-brown eyes, and she is wearing a black jacket with a purple sweater peeking through.]

Minadora Macheret

Minadora Macheret is a Ph.D. student and Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas. She is a Poetry Editor for Devilfish Review. Her work has appeared in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Red Paint Hill, Rogue Agent, Connotation Press, and
elsewhere. She is the author of the chapbook, Love Me Anyway, from Porkbelly Press, 2018. She likes to travel across the country with her beagle, Aki. 

[Image Description:  A white queer person with short brown hair and a button-down denim shirt sits down in front of a wooden background.]

April Penn

April Penn is a queer Boston poet who lives in a co-op house for people with autoimmune disease and chronic pain. She is passionate about writing poetry and has performed at the Cantab Poetry Lounge, Moonlighting, Out of the Blue Gallery, Occupy Boston, and UMass Amherst. She has poems published or forthcoming in La Redactrice, The Fem, The Offing, Maps for Teeth, Provocateur, Hoax Zine, and Amethyst Arsenic.

[Image Description: A black-and-white photo shows the head and shoulders of a middle-aged white man. He has a beard and his hair is pulled back in a bun. There is a wooden panel fence behind him.]

Matt Quinn

Matt Quinn lives in Brighton, England. His poems can be found online at Rattle, The Morning Star, The New Verse News and elsewhere. He writes his poems in his basement room, a short walk from the sea. He takes frequent rests."

Artist Biographies

[Image Description: A person's shadow by what appears to be a window.]

Laura Cowley

I make digital work and am interested in finding ways to bring that work into the physical world. I make videos for projection in hypnotic loops. They are evasions of closure, denials of decay and highly authored repeated moments. I highlight a tension between the natural and forms reproduced by technology, engaging with the panic surrounding the machine’s potential to eliminate labour. While we might all one day be useless, I address a frustration with the centering of people’s potential to work as being inextricable from their worth. The Union for the Useless asks whether by embracing a maligned identity, rather than distancing ourselves from it, some kind of community and self acceptance might be found. Let's laugh over and at the abyss of horror. The lens of projection through which I operate is distorted (or perhaps clarified) by the experience of disability.

[Image Description: A red-haired white woman smiles. She is wearing a red, black, and white sweater.]

Patti Durr

Durr is an associate professor in the Dept of Cultural and Creative Studies at NTID, filmmaker, artist, and ARTivist. Her films have been screened at many Deaf film festivals and won awards. Her artworks have been exhibited in shows throughout the US. Durr is inspired by artists like Betye Saar, Ai Wei Wei, and Betty G. Miller. In addition to creating art, films, and scripts, she has also published about Deaf-themed works, De'VIA and Surdism.

[Image Description: A highly processed sepia portrait of a person whose head and elbow are bandaged. They are nude, with their chest obscured by their back, elbow, and arm.]

Kathryne Husk

Kathryne Husk is an award-winning and nationally exhibited fine art conceptual figurative photographer and queer disability activist whose work focuses on using femme and non-binary bodies to initiate a dialogue about issues facing the disabled. They were the recent subject of the short documentary Kathryne: Uncensored, and their artwork has been published in various literary journals and art magazines. Kathryne’s activist work has lead to numerous lectures and presentations on disability rights and issues facing the disability community. Their current focus is breaking down the barriers of how disabled bodies are viewed in contemporary art and in society, and bringing awareness to the lack of accessibility within the Kansas City arts scene

[Image Description: An Indian woman smiles for a selfie. She is wearing a bright pink headscarf and teal shirt.]

Anjum Malik

Anjum Malik is a self-described disabled/differently-abled Indian woman artist from Delhi. She is currently pursuing an MFA from Jamia Milia Islamia. She has an extensive history of awards and honors in art. In addition to painting, she enjoys singing, playing guitar and flute, cooking, and traveling.


[Image Description: A watercolor portrait of the artist, who is resting her chin on her cane, which appears to have a plaid red, blue, and yellow design on it. The artist's hair is a neon pink, and she's wearing a gray, pink, and white shirt under a black sweater and over black pants. She appears to be sitting on a bed.]

Ani Schreiber

Ani Schreiber is a disabled artist living in the Willamette Valley in her home state of Oregon. Her pieces “Look,” “Luchador,” and “Dress of Flowers” have been featured on the covers of poetry collections by Jose Angel Araguz.  Most of her work can be viewed and purchased via her Instagram account @anischreiberart. While all of her art necessarily incorporates her physical disability, sometimes it just depicts birds

[Image Description: A person sits outside of an office building in the sidewalk with an IV bag beside her as several men pass by.]

Rosary Solimanto

The interdisciplinary activist artist Rosary Solimanto, explores oppression and societal stigmas living with multiple sclerosis. She encourages political and social discourse on disABILITY identity to unfold to empower the disABLEd. She approaches biology, healthcare and medicine from a humanitarian perspective. Solimanto is an emerging artist graduating from SUNY New Paltz in 2015. Since then she has exhibited and or performed across the United States, Toronto, London, Greece, China and Spain. She has exhibited and or performed at eleven international museums and performed for numerous international art festivals. Awards include Unlimit Fellowship from Art OMI; Kulakoff Award at SUNY Albany; and the Sojourner Truth Fellowship at SUNY New Paltz, New York. She was a selected participant for the activist program, Emerge NYC at New York University and recently completed an international artist residency at Art OMI, in Ghent, NY. Her artworks have been featured in Art in America Magazine and Hyperallergic. Her public political performances have been in newspapers across the world. She currently lives and works in the New York’s metropolitan area.


[Image Description: A white man with white hair smiles in what appears to be an office. He's wearing a purple sweater over a blue, collared shirt.]

Anthony Tusler

Anthony Tusler is a writer, photographer, consultant, trainer, and advocate on disability issues. He was the founding Director of the Disability Resource Center at Sonoma State University for 22 years. He co-curated probably the first fine art show, D&A2, that had disability as its explicit subject matter. He has helped to launch a number of non-profits, including the Institute on Alcohol, Drugs, and Disability, Community Resources for Independence, Disability Associates, and the National Center on Disability and Journalism. His photographs are currently featured at the Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, and numerous independent living centers across the United States. He is the co-founder of Disability Arts: Bay Area.