Derek C.F. Pegritz // Visual Art

Derek C.F. Pegritz // Music

[Audio track description: The title track to Derek C.F. Pegritz's Oneirophrenia is an electronic soundscape with overlapping voices, machine sounds, and a wandering melody line. The artist statement (below) contains further description.]

Artist Statement

Oneirophrenia is the culmination of nearly three years' worth of work to cobble together a full album of original tracks exploring one of my favourite sources of inspiration: altered states of consciousness.

Here you'll find musical molecules to unlock strange mental journeys into the liminal realm of brain-states where dreams, near-death experiences, hallucinogenic trips, and psychotic breaks all blur together into painful revelations and revelatory agonies. Here are the shades of Lord Dunsany and H. P. Lovecraft drinking ayahuasca with Terence McKenna and Carl Jung on the banks of the River Yann. Here are inquisitive zoogs and mindless gods of infinite fecundity; choirs of Machine Elves stitching together timelines as quantum events trigger multiversal expansions; wisdom gained through blood-soaked madness; and the awful blessing of the drill-toothed Buddhas whose trephinations free the self from the holocaust of "the real."

About the Artist

Derek C.F. Pegritz is a musician (producer/composer), freelance graphic artist, and occasional fiction author living in the haunted ruins of southwestern Pennsylvania's coal country, from which he derives much of his Lovecraftian-inspiration. His website exists.