Hilary Krzywkowski

Artist Statement

Much of my art and writing these days seeks to tell stories about trauma, sexuality, life with Autism, intersectionality, and the attempts at navigating (and sometimes rebelling against) a mainstream, neurotypical society. My work’s been published by my father Tom Kryss (1960’s Cleveland Beat and “outlaw” poet) with Black Rabbit Press, Alan Horvath with Kirpan Press, Bill Roberts with Bottle of Smoke Press, Richard Robert Hansen with Poems for All Series in Sacramento CA, Bree Bodnar with Green Panda Press, David Flexer with Sojourners Tent Press, Siegal Lifelong Learning Center at Case Western Reserve University, Bree Bodnar with Least Bittern Books, Squat Birth Journal, and the Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy. I’ve had work on exhibit at Standing Rock Cultural Arts, “In the Workplace”; Mandel JCC, “Slavery and Freedom”; Negative Space Gallery “Art Of The People” Political Art Showcase; Gallery 1299 “Somewhere Eye Belong”; and online at PainExhibit.org. 

My present life calling is to not only be the storyteller, but an artist advocate, creating writing and art representative of the diversity of life experiences of those of us in the ID/DD community and those of us with chronic pain and health. I want to bring the hidden and the oppressed to light, and to create a safe space for dialogue in the visual and literary arts. Suffering, alternate realities, parenthood, unconditional love, and a desire for social change fuels my mojo. 

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