by Jay Besemer

watch what happens        when the hidden things emerge         & the
known things subside                     & what’s called strength evolves from a
colony of bad ideas          well-publicized & given the weight of truth
                           everybody’s purple unicorn of validation going unloved
in the process

well                    there are many outcomes                         but one secret
benefit of failure                          is to become                    a new kind of

& to live this being with all the scarlet in you                                        & to
know & love each cell of your blood                                                       & to
let your body be & have a home where everything matters
each element matters    & your body can be trusted to be your body
                             & that is strength



by Jay Besemer

forage along hedgerows                 hands held in cups
beneath seed heads           think deer-memories
the child bedding down in a nest of poison ivy

what a dream the skin becomes           inflamed with
sap & truths from unexpected sources             waking
to a day riddled with odd light               shining in corners
there was a tornado with ball lightning            in the house
of the deer-child                          what space does this phenomenon
take up               an exaggerated electrical pulse both in &
outside the brain                           some neuron or other firing
ball lightning passes through walls          foraging like a deer
or a human having needs



by Jay Besemer

my horse code oscillates        within demands
for making sense i make supper instead        coffee
some ungenerous notes         distractions
the glamour in the air              butterflies home in on
my emanations surround me              oh wow
there’s a horse here too           a sick man tied
to the saddle                    rides hard for the hospital in the hills
a cluster of rocks                           the horse knows it is
a doorway between moments

where you hang your hat is your heart
& the understanding that follows you                    night
after night        is also the glamour                          shining
your moon as you put your toes down
the glamour that holds you as you breathe
holds you on the horse you love


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