Leroy F. Moore, Jr.

Black, Blind, & Beautiful

            For Lachi

I heard her voice
And saw her beauty
It was my choice
To keep digging

What I found was pleasing
Black, Blind, & Beautiful
And what came out of her mouth
Is awwwwww so soothing

Lachi, is her name
She took me on a Jazzy trip
Back to Lady Day, Ella, Eta, Nina
As a journalist I needed to create media

Let her talk
Capture the story           
She speaks lyrically
Interview & getting to know her deeply

Three B’s buzzing around in my brain
Black, Blind, & Beautiful
Washing away ugliness like rain
Lachi, got me bug out

Saw her in Emeryville
Standing on top of a hill
Her songs flying on bird wings
What a thrill

She plays the piano
And I got to let the day’s tension go
Thinking about Black, Blind, & Beautiful
My goal here is nothing but respectful

Oh yeah Lachi, do some scatting
Can I mix my poetry
Dreams coming true
Poem songs all day long with you

Lachi, had to type it
You are the shit
More than Black, Blind, & Beautiful
Standing ovations leaving us satisfied & full 

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