Michael Albright

Does your problem interfere with your job or house responsibilities?

I don't know how to reply to both at once

Interrupted & terrible is what sleep I get
At least my nightmares are simmering down

It's hard getting up  It's bad in the morning
Make us a grapefruit  & the kitchenside swerves

Before I was bit off  I was dosed on such joy
I had this  & no I could not eat what I boiled  

I have done sanitation  & it worked for a few
I had to stop knitting  I was quaking like lazy

Sweeping on one leg with eyes twisted shut
Makes me feel like a dustbin  & famously fall

I load dishes that feel like I'm treating them wrong
But maybe I should do more just during or last

Soon it was yesterday & I started to launder
Fast dry to where I tumbled again & haven't

Had that for a while  I can tell the difference
In the good way not so full heavy & stuffy

Everything's blurry & fun like the house
Then I felt better for a couple of days

& the cooking stopped but I still felt clocked
Out of thyme  out of bawdy  & out of control

I mine the same vitamin  but drive too far
I fear the impotence of your quick response

This one is for both who replied to me


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