Patti Durr

About the Artist

Durr is a associate professor in the Dept of Cultural and Creative Studies at NTID, filmmaker, artist, and ARTivist. Her films have been screened at many Deaf film festivals and won awards. Her artworks have been exhibited in shows throughout the US. Durr is inspired by artists like Betye Saar, Ai Wei Wei and Betty G. Miller. In addition to creating art, films, and scripts, she has also published about Deaf-themed works, De'VIA and Surdism.

artist statement

"Nameless" (2017, watercolor) is inspired by a photo of an anonymous Deaf student from CID (Central Institute for the Deaf - an Oral Aural only program in St. Louis) and Morris Broderson's Anne Frank painting.

My works explore my Deaf experience and identity as a redheaded woman. I am also inspired by old photographs of Deaf people that contain mystery or intrigue. I seek to examine the unexamined and make visible the invisible.