artist statement

Ulfgrim was born of a desire to peel back the veil of mysticism and the unknown -- chasing a concept that we call "The Eyes in the Dark." We create narratives and dialogues about the violence in our histories, the candor needed to normalize the Outsider, and the damages that define the drive to create. In a balance of personal lineage, folklore, and songs in tongues long forgotten -- we seek to open the doors that have been locked for generations.

About the Artist

Self-creation and education with a history of rejecting traditional education and methodologies is the hallmark of the members of Ulfgrim. They can be found in performance environments, conventional fine art exhibitions, experiments in social interaction or through their academic research and outreach into religious and cultural spaces.

The feminine force of Ulfgrim: Cass Luger cut her teeth as a musician in 2009 with the goth/ EDM act The Crüxshadows, studied for a time at Florida State University in their Fine Arts department before choosing to pursue her own avenues and paths as Ulfgrim. She has shown her traditional work in New Orleans, Atlanta, and South Florida; as well as performing up and down the eastern seaboard as Dire with her partner, Sköll in alternative lifestyle events and outreach. Her academic and anthropological research has been featured in a number of religious journals and projects.

Ulfgrim currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida with their two four-legged canine companions where Cass works in the stage industry to continue building material for her PTSD project, Tactical Bartending.